What about C&Y Union Shower Enclosure production equipment?
The manufacturing gear has been introduced to Zhuhai Xiyou Lian Industrial Co., Ltd. and has been nicely running for decades. Trained employees operate the equipment. The production is flexible and stable. Generally, the production is suspended once a year for repair.

CYUNION has strong capabilities to produce reliable shower enclosure. Xiyou Lian's products have a wide range of types and styles. The following is the display of the main products of shower enclosure series. There are diverse models for shower cabin to meet different demands. It's perfect in any modern or cutting edge bathroom. shower cabin is said to be the most popular glass shower enclosures due to its glass shower enclosures. Its coating can resist stains and limescale to build up.

In addition to the improvements for glass shower enclosures, we will continue to improve services. Check now!
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