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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-14
In most of our houses, older people find it difficult to use themselves to go to the bathroom.This is because the restroom in our house is usually tiled with flush.During the week, the old man was repeatedly slipped by slippery tiles and it was almost impossible for them to use rinse in case of knee pain.
For the convenience of the elderly, the elderly and the disabled, there are several kinds of bathroom safety products on the market.These include bathtubs, chairs and stools, bathtubs, bathroom railings and handrails, bath mats and shower spray, Brigadier General, overhead toilet seat and other bathroom accessories.The purpose of these accessories is to facilitate the use of restrooms and bathing for people who are not suitable.
First, install the handrails along the length of the washroom or at the back of the washroom.Weak people can grab these bars and get to the bathroom instead of calling their kids to help them get to the bathroom.The bar is usually made of flexible material so that even if a heavy person holds it or puts all its weight on it, it will not break or break.
When you buy handrails for your home, make sure that the edges of these handrails must be smooth so that your parents don't feel the pain of holding them.Moreover;The toilet safety frame has a very unique and useful accessory.The advantage of this frame is that it provides additional stability when going up and down the bathroom.
The frame is made of anodized aluminum, and these aluminum brackets are installed in the same holes drilled for the toilet seat.Just like the bathroom users grab these brackets while sitting in their seats.There is also a rubber tilt bracket in this frame that prevents people from slipping off wet tiles.
To further reduce the stress of these elderly people, the raised toilet chair was designed to allow these people to use the restroom without bending or lowering themselves.In order to help these people take a bath, some bathroom accessories were planned.Shower spray is one of them.These vulnerable or disabled people can take a shower in a bath chair or mat.
This will help them keep their body clean and provide them with comfort.Certain Adapter boards and seats can be installed in the bathroom.The purpose of these transfer boards is that they are waterproof and one can easily move from the wheelchair to the shower without slipping or getting the wheelchair wet.
All of these different accessories are very helpful and as children we should provide comfort to our elders by installing them in our family restroom.Such accessories must also be installed in institutions with disabilities
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