walk in shower enclosure and tray considerations when choosing a shower enclosure

by:C&Y Union     2020-03-15
The idea of buying shower room?The article will then provide useful information on what should be considered and potential pitfalls to avoid before you do it.If properly planned and installed, the shower room may be a welcome addition to the bathroom, and in fact, many people are removing the traditional bathtub and replacing it with a rectangular case of a similar size.They keep the heat and look amazing, unlike the shower curtain or shower curtain, and also make sure that the water is effectively discharged from the house rather than discharged to the bathroom floor.
Just like any home decor, planning is important before making any expensive purchases.In the case of a shower, you need to ask yourself;How many walls can a fence be found?How high is your bathroom room?How much space do you have to locate the shell?Is there a pipeline nearby suitable for connecting the shower tray waste?Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start to find the perfect shower for your bathroom.How many walls can you find your shower?The number of walls you have usually determines the shape and style of the shell you choose.
There is only one wall and you are usually limited to d-Shape shell or walk on three sides-in.The two walls offer you the most choice, allowing you to choose between quadrant, hinge door, pivot door, bow front, walkShower and sliding doors.The three sides of the wall usually means that you have a suitable groove, so it is appropriate to pivot the shower door, the hinge door, the double door and the sliding shower door.
How high is your bathroom room?Most showers are 1850-1900mm high, plus the height of the shower tray where the housing is located.The height of the low profile pallet is about 35mm to 45mm, and the height of the thick pallet is about 170mm.Many people have a low profile tray to sit on the stand or have a lift kit that allows the lift to be installed as a whole so that the pipes can be installed under the tray but on the floor.
This is usually a necessary condition for installing the shell on the concrete bottom floor.If your ceiling is above 2.2 m, then most glass showers on the market should not have any problems.There is a small room above the fence between the ceilings that allows the steam to escape and help you breathe!How much space do you have to locate the shell?Now that you have sorted out the location in the room, how much area do you have?The larger the case, the more comfortable the shower experience is, and many modern designs also include a dry area with wooden floating boards to stand on.
Aqualux has a lot of walking-Design like thisThe size of most shells is usually below 1400x900mm, and the most popular size is 900x900mm quadrant or 1200x900mm offset quadrant.If you choose a pivot or hinge shower door or some Quadrant housing, you also need to appreciate the swing radius of the door.You don't want to risk safety by installing a shell so that the glass door can swing outward and slam into other sanitary items such as a toilet or basin.
Sliding single and double shutter doors are becoming more and more popular, although they affect costs due to the involvement of additional mechanical components.The roller of the sliding door is also one of the components that may need to be replaced at some stage, especially in the cheaper shower that contains the plastic main roller.It is best to look for the housing from the manufacturer who provides the health guarantee period.
Companies such as Phoenix Whirlpool, Aqualux, Vogue bathroom and Merlyn bathroom offer lifetime warranty and spare parts at any time.Is there a proper pipe connection for shower tray waste?In addition to having enough space to locate the shower, you need to make sure that under that space it is possible to connect the shower garbage to the soil pipe or to the soil pipe on another pipe that already exists.If in doubt, you should ask the local plumber, but if your shell and wastewater pipe are on the same side of the room, this will usually help, thus reducing the cost of the pipe.
A sub-question for this question is, is there a pipe in an electric or heated shower?An electric shower or exposed shower valve can be placed on the surface of the wall, and perhaps the plumbing works into the attic space.More and more people want to hide ugly pipe work, so this is usually hidden behind the stub wall, or embedded in the wall, just like using a concealed constant temperature shower mixer.The shower check list is used as a final check, and here is a list of bathroom fixtures and accessories that may be required to install the shower.
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