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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-08
The humble shower has evolved.Today, consumers can buy a variety of showers, there is a lot of confusion in terms of applicability.In this article, I will explain the various shower and recommended usage methods.The first decision to be made is between an electric shower and a hybrid shower, both of which are divided into more sub-categories.
The basic electric shower is the solution to "go anywhere" and all it takes to install is some space, cold water supply and power supply.All electric showers shall be installed by qualified merchants.They need their own circuit breakers for safety reasons, water and electricity are deadly combinations, although today's electric shower is up to a minute in safety standards and the accident does happen, these accidents are almost always caused by poor installation or maintenance.
The electric shower heats the cold water to the selected temperature, the higher the power, the faster the heating operation, the better the flow rate.To reach their full potential, they need decent cold water pressure.Some electric showers are now designed for people with disabilities and visually impaired, and improvements include large controls that are easy to use, temperature stops, and sound tones to indicate on/off and safe temperatures.
One drawback of the electric shower is the ambient water temperature.Most people will heat the water faster than winter and give a better flow rate during the summer months, and the temperature setting may need to be adjusted to compensate.As the name suggests, the mixer shower is to mix the hot water in the heating system with cold water to shower at the right temperature.
There are several versions of the mixer shower.As mentioned, the basic mixer shower valve mixes the hot and cold water you supply to shower at the right temperature.It requires hot water supply and cold water supply from your heating system.
The main drawback is that the pressure drop of any one power supply will change the shower temperature to make it too cold and, more importantly, too hot.To solve this problem, a constant temperature mixer shower was developed.This contains constant temperature elements that do not allow water to exceed a given temperature (usually 38 degrees Celsius.
A serious drop in the water pressure can cause the shower to break.This can prevent the risk of burns.One change to this theme is the digital mixer shower.These showers typically use digital reading panels to allow users to see the water temperature at a glance.
Most digital showers also allow multiple settings that allow each member of the family to preset the perfect shower temperature and save it to memory.This is then recalled when the button is pressed.Further improvements to the theme are the wireless digital mixer shower.
This uses a remote control that allows the user to open the shower before entering the bathroom and let it run at the correct temperature.The mixer shower is often classified as EV, BIV, and BIR.EV refers to the exposed valve, which is where the shower valve is located on the surface of the wall and is usually equipped with a sliding guide rail and a manual shower kit.
The BIV represents the built-in valve, which is built into the wall and is usually covered with a chrome or gold-tone panel.It can be used with a slide rail kit, wall or ceiling mounted shower head, or with a splitter.BIR is a device built into the riser, usually a valve built into it with a wall-mounted head, and all pipes are hidden on the wall.
The power shower is a variant of the mixer shower that uses an overall pump to increase the flow rate of the shower.This type of shower requires hot, cold and electric supply at the installation site.While the mixer shower can be purchased as a full shower, it is a growing one for customers to design their own shower, buy valves separately, head, phone, and perhaps body nozzlesRegardless of your budget, you'll find the right mixer shower, from the base model to the digital shower with a color changing head.
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