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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-16
Industrial demand for ron computers is much higher than traditional desktop computers.\ R \ rOften environment \ rin industry is completely contrary to the best conditionsth...Industrial demand for ron computers is much higher than traditional desktop computers.
Normally, the Environment \ rin industry is exactly the opposite of the best conditionsthe-Shelf \ rcomputer is designed to run.There may be a lot of dust, dirt, grease and dirt.The weather may be too hot or too cold, there may be many processes and cleaning that require water, and don't forget the forklift \ rand pallet truck, which can completely destroy a PC if it is covered by a cloud.
For years, industrial and manufacturing solutions have been the use of professional solid-state industrial computers.These machines are usually sealed and durable.They are usually designed to be resistant to dust, dirt and can also be completely waterproof.
These machines are also very expensive, not just to buy, but also to maintain.The industrial computers must be maintained by the \ rservice engineer, which usually forces the production line to shut down, because the hardware and software will eventually become \ robsolete, so they must also be replaced on a regular basis.All computers eventually fail, but an industrial computer case means that the same case can be used by more than three generations of computers.
The industrial PC chassis is a more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable alternative to these expensive machines.The main advantages of the industrial computer housing are: 1.Withstand the same environment as industrial computers, whether it is dust, dirt, oil, grease and water (or even full Flushing ).
The enclosure is rated using a European IP rating that gives clear indication of the type of environment the enclosure can operate, for \ rexample IP 65, while preventing a strong \ rwater injection, full protection of dust (the first number 6 represents the dust protection of the second number 5 \ rthe water) although IP 66 provides the same dust protection, the shell can be completely immersed in the water.2.The housing \ r can also withstand the same impact, vibration and tampering as the housing \ r, the housing \ r can be made of solid material and the enclosed PC can be installed tightly and with shock-absorbing boltsTo prevent theft, the enclosure can also be securely locked and secured to the floor or wall.3.Calculated at extreme temperatures, in fact, the computer housing can meet better standards than industrial machines, because if additional cooling and heating units do not work as efficiently as they should, then they can be replaced (the sealed \ rindustrial computer running too hot or too cold needs to be replaced \ error for upgrade ).
Computers \ renclopostgres can make PCs run as reliably as industrial computers. The desktop computer installed in the chassis can be any traditional machine, from the \ ra trusted office workaholic to the latest All singing, dancingthe shelf\rPC.5.Computers in the case are also much cheaper than industrial computers.
In addition to the initial spending on expensive custom industrial computers, as industrial computers end up with internal failures (like all computers) or completely out of date, the housing can be eliminated in ten years industrial machines \ rindustrial need to be replaced.However, one shell can be reused to accommodate another machine, which will normally accommodate three generations.6.The computer housing can accommodate display, printer, touch-The screen and various ways of rof computing devices (including peripherals such as mouse and keyboard) can be combined with a waterproof/dust-proof sealed keyboard and mouse.
Any repair or upgrade can be done when \ ran chassis accommodates a traditional PC-Check in within a few minutes without having to wait for an engineer or shut down production.8.The housing can be made from a range of materials including food grade stainless steel.9.To prevent theft or tampering, the shell can be locked and fixed on the wall or floor.
Enclosures \ rallow you can choose which software or hardware to run in enclosure \ rallow instead of suffering losses-Outdated technologyWith the ever-changing and extreme demands of industrial computing, the industrial PC case provides a flexibility, even if the traditional industrial computer does not match, but it also provides the same protection and reliability at a very small cost.The PC housing is ideal for even the worst industrial environments, although professional PCs are always required for certain tasks, however, most of the uses of industrial computers can be placed in industrial PC \ renclosure using traditional PCs
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