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In the 10 years since 1950, there were only 131 Ansil Fleur Clippers in Australia, and Russell Barr was the second Clippers on the production line.The Ansair company of Reginald Ansett made the United States-The famous pioneer tour coach designed the bus."When I was about 10 or 12 years old, I used to go to Hobart for my brother's game, and I used to wait for the Clippers in konara because they were the fastest coaches aroundTheir voice is beautiful, "said Mr.
Barr, 63.
"When the Bedford couple came, I wanted to hide."I used to say, 'I will have a clipper one day,' and this one is on the Dugi ferry in Hobart, and we have been there for 14 years."They are a classic and important part of Australia's traffic history.
..They are the fastest aerodynamics coach and completed in 1976.\ "The only thing that kills them is that they can only carry 29 to 30-odd [people]."The fastest ship rate in Tasmania state is the highest, and we have 17 in one stage.
Barr's Clipper is named Nadine with double bed, shower, toilet, seating, kitchenette-the lot."It was fixed when we got it, but we renovated it by laying the new carpet, the wife's seat, the new cover, the curtains, the fridge, I put the Pioneer tour on the stove and outside."My favorite thing is to have the seniors come to you and say they are there to go to school and the truck driver comes and says" you have something that used to burn us off the road "--Their top speed is 80 miles per hour.
Barr, a member of the Australian flxble Clipper club, took the bus to many rallies across Australia, including Alice Springs and Barossa Valley.He also showed the bus at the Tasmania state motor show such as Langford and Pyengana
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