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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-09
When you change your tub to a shower at home, to find out which type of bathroom function is best suited for your bathroom remodeling project, you may have a steep learning curve.For example, the floor drain of your choice has an impact in the ground floor building, bathtub replacement shower pan, labor costs, and the finished design look of the bathroom, so, it makes sense to know your choice of bathtub to shower conversion.Traditionally, a circular drain is placed in the center of the Bath changing shower pan, and the edges are used around the pan to help the water reach the drain rather than the floor area you want to keep dry in the bathroom.
And the narrow rectangle --It can also be used for forming floor drain of Bath changing shower, called linear drain pipe.While circular floor drains require multiple planes to be built on the ground floor of the shower so that the water flows to the drain, there is only one slope that can help the water reach the linear drain.The linear drain can be placed on any straight edge of the shower room converted from the shower in the bathtub, or at the door of the bath to replace the shower.
When you convert the bathtub into a shower, you also need to consider the cost of implementing the design concept.The use of a circular floor drain tub-to-shower conversion would be more expensive in terms of the cost of installing Labor, as the ground floor would take more time to build due to the multiple planes involved.If you want to use a linear drainage system to convert the bathtub into a shower, your labor costs will be lower as there is only one plane to be built in the underlying structure of the shower.
The tub-to-shower conversion is mainly for cosmetic surgery in your old bathroom.When you install a linear drainage system in the bathroom, you don't use smaller tiles as you do in a circular floor drain.Larger stones or tiles can be used and become the attractive focus of the shower conversion in the bathtub.
When you use a linear drain to convert the tub into a shower, you can completely get rid of the shower door if you want, which greatly opens the space in the bathroom.Learn more about linear floor drain by visiting the product manufacturer's website
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