l shaped walk in shower enclosure health and safety tips when using chairs

by:C&Y Union     2020-03-11
A lot of comfort can be provided when bathing.Think about it, your feet may shake many times when you take a shower.Or, when you need help to take a shower every day, you may also think of these situations.
With the help of these special chairs, you can forget the problems that the Bath brings to you, not the feeling of relaxation.Have you ever thought, however, that there are health and safety suggestions to consider?These will be discussed in detail in the previous paragraph.Make sure the wheels are locked.On the other hand, the security bar should be unlocked.
Make sure the user is sitting on the back and the back is resting on the back.Should also find his bottom in the center of the seat.In case the mats are not waterproof, make sure to remove them before people start taking a shower.
Safety tips -The safety column should be put to work.This part is to help the user sit in a comfortable position while taking a bath.Basically fixed on the arm rest of the chair, this can be extended from right to left (and vice versa) when unlocked, it will be in front of the user's waist.
This prevents people from standing and falling in the shower.In a stable position.The brakes should remain locked when a person takes a bath, but if a person should move from place to place, the brakes can be unlocked.As discussed above, it can be used for walkingin showers.
Before using this chair to take a bath, it is necessary to check the water temperature first.From there you can now take this person closer to the shower.Once the bath process is over, you can now turn on the brakes and move the person to a place where you can take care of him in a safer way.
Keep the chair dry and it will be safer to use the chair from time to time.This should not be just cleaning.Disinfection is also required.There are disinfection products that can be used as disinfectant.If this is not readily available, bleach solution containing bleach-The water ratio of 1:10 should be mixed.
All parts of the chair should be cleaned.
.Follow these instructions and you will be at ease when a loved one takes a shower with these things
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