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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-09
The manufacturer of Komfort RV launched a series of new holiday products in 2010.They offer a very unique new look.This high-The End RV style includes a beige high gloss gel coating, usually found only on expensive luxury car homes and fifth wheels.This RV is very unique, affordable and of unparalleled value.
The 2010 Komfort Resort model 239FB is a 3/4-inch slide-out cutting-edge RV.This is a 24-Hiking trailer with front bedroom, central kitchen and spacious back bathroom with glass shower and large linen/wardrobe closet.When you pull it into the camp or RV Park, the highlight get coat look is a real eye catcher.
There is also a "L"-shaped small dining mat that can accommodate up to 5 people, which is much better than the old stall style where barley has four people.The front big bed is sitting sideways, and the headboard is slide.This model also comes with Beauflor flooring, an artificial hardwood floor that is indestructible and can withstand temperatures of minus 50 degrees!The Beauflor vinyl flooring is made with unique engineering composite technology, making it very tough and durable.
If you put scratches on the floor, it pops up immediately and goes back to its original state, like magic.This is the real RV in the future.So, if you're interested in a new 2010 travel trailer, check them out
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