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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-07
Escape through this idyllic city and make it easier or more attractive to reduce your carbon footprint.Only five were found.30 minute walk from paper beach on Tamar RiverThe hotel is only a few minutes away from downtown Launceston and everything here is to appreciate these little things.The house designed for a sustainable lifestyle was renovated in 2011 and achieved 6-Energy RatingFacing north-West, the home uses a polished cement board in an open place.
plan kitchen-Dining area for passive heating.The concrete characteristic Wall also stores warmth from the sun and heat from FreedomWhen you let it work in the winter months.The kitchen is packed with storage options and stainless steel appliances, with an island table with concrete top in the center.
This area of the home allows access to a decorative entertainment area and an open air area paved with woodGrilled pizza ovenBehind the kitchen is a separate living room with a wrought iron fireplace and access to the decoration area.Outside the dining room is a family office with a floating wooden staircase leading to the master bedroom.The master bedroom has its own balcony overlooking the bushLike a garden, catch a glimpse of the Tamar River through trees.
The master finished walking-In the wardrobe and ensuite.There are two bedrooms opposite the lounge.The main bathroom is large and modern in design with polished concrete floors on foot-Vanity with shower, bathtub and ceramic bowl.
The suites have the same style of vanity, all handmade by local artisans.All efforts during the renovation were the use of recycled materials, including some wood floors, doors, windows and even bathtubs.The bathroom is adjacent to a large laundry room with plenty of extra storage and a door in the backyard.
Surrounded by gardens, the landscape includes two enclosed vegetable beds and a mix of locals and flowering plants.Solar hot water systems, solar panels, rain tanks and gray water collection systems are installed in the home so that you can live almost out of the grid.The 10,000-For the home, the liter tank should be enough, but you can manually switch to town water if needed.
The gray water system recycles water into the garden
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