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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-21
If you have a sliding patio door in your home, you know that the shielding part of the door will wear and damage over time.With years of use, dents and creases appear on the metal screen, the fiberglass screen is easily pulled out of the frame, and the fabric screen is torn, torn, or moth-eaten.One of the easiest waysit-The project you can handle at home is to reopen your sliding door.
Rearranging the door yourself will save time and money, and the final product will bring a lot of cosmetic surgery to that area of your home.The first step in rearranging the door is to measure it with the height and width of the screen frame.Make sure to add at least 2 inch of the two measurements to make sure you have enough material.
If you want to be cautious, please add 4 to 6 inch in each measurement.When you go to the hardware store to buy a new screen fabric, be sure to take some time to read the benefits of each material.Look for a material that will not be eaten by insects that contains some type of UV inhibitor to prevent fading and decay.
If you live in a place where there is a problem with gnats, you may also want to choose a very fine grid to prevent gnats and other small bugs from crowding in.Keep in mind, however, that a finer mesh screen is also darker, allowing less light to shine in.There are a few other things you want to take when you are in the hardware store.
There is a product called the screen Flower line.Spline is a fine pasta.Just like the rubber material that rolls into grooves around the screen door, keep the screen in place.The spline line has multiple sizes, so it is recommended to keep the old screen in place along an existing small piece of the spline line.
You will also need to purchase a special tool to roll the spline roller into the groove, often referred to as the spline roller.Most large hardware stores have tools like these that make work faster and easier.Some of the spline rollers even come with small hooksA knife used to cut off the end shape of the excess screen fabric, which is safer than using an ordinary practical blade.
Once you get home with all the tools, you need to remove the screen door from the rolling track and find a flat place to do the job.A clean garage or porch floor can work well.First remove the old flower groove from all grooves.
Once the flower line is removed, the old screen fabric will be easy to pull away.If the channel supporting the flower line is dirty, now is a good time to wipe or vacuum.Now you can install the new screen.Center the new screen fabric at the opening and start rolling your flower line into the groove with the screen fabric underneath the groove.
If possible, it is very helpful to have the second person help you through the process by keeping the screen square.However, if you don't have anyone to help, consider tying the four corners of the screen to the door frame with painter tape.This will help keep the screen in place when you work at the door.
Roll the spline roller in place using the spline roller tool to ensure that the spline roller goes deep into the channel.Continue the process and work around the door.The screen should be well stretched and taught when you are done.
The last step is to cut off the excess screen fabric.Perform this step carefully;You don't want to accidentally cut off your newly stretched screen.Unless your door is heavily used, or you have young children or pets in your home, most homeowners only need to reopen the door every 5 to 10 years.
Once you have completed the project, you will be satisfied with the work done by yourself and know that you will be ready to finish the work again the next time you need it.Now your screen door should look like new again and can be used at home for a few more years
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