how to build a camp shower enclosure Managing Family Stress During The Holidays

by:C&Y Union     2020-03-27
by Dr.Manage family stress, happiness and gratitude during your vacationWe all hope to get the feeling, but those that are hard to get during the holidays.Also, when we are bombarded with our own negative thoughts, we seem to be in the selfPutting blame and judgment in prison makes us feel like we can't enjoy the beauty of life.Fortunately, mindfulness science gives the whole family the tools to calm down and experience the present gift despite holiday stress.
Mindfulness can be defined as focusing on awareness, curiosity, and acceptance in the present.Simple exercises help remind us to stop, breathe and connect with ourselves and others with compassion and love --kindness.According to the University of California-Los Angeles Center for awareness, "Over the past decade, important research has shown that mindfulness can address health issues such as lower blood pressure, increased attention and increased attention, reduce anxiety and depression and promote healthExist, reduce emotional reactions, and thicker the brain in the areas of decision-making, emotional flexibility, and empathy.
The Journal of the Family (2013) reported that in a study of 400 children, mindfulness training led to a significant increase in students' attention and self-awarenessControl, classroom participation, respect for others.Research has shown that we can take steps to create a positive and healthy psychological space, although the pressure to live in a demanding living environment is often amplified by the social needs of the holidays.So how can mindfulness practice help your family cope with the stress of the holidays?By focusing on simple pleasures and practicing the mindfulness of the moment, we can step out of our minds and enter the world around us, let us have more understanding and connection with the blessings and positives in life.
When I wrote this, my husband Robert was smiling because I was alternating between talking about mindfulness strategies and yelling at my stubborn computer.That's what mindfulness is...I can find peace and comfort and then get back to the stress response in a flash.Mindfulness is like training a puppy...My mind is caught in anger and reaction and I have to bring it back gently.
Therefore, I wish you and your family many pure blessings and moments of peace in the hustle and bustle of the festival and in the challenges.As a neurologistWayne Drevets proves that "practice is permanent in the brain.Focus on your breathing.When breathing in, think "yes.Think calmly when breathing.\ "Breathe in and out slowly and purposefully.
Take 30 seconds (or more) to keep your attention and senses completely present.Focus on the fun of simple touch: the color of nature, the fabric texture on your fingers, or the taste and aroma of homemade bread.Tag your negative thoughtsWhen they pass through your brain, classify them as "judgment," "fear," or "relive the past ".
Then, re-focus your attention here and now.Understand that you may have been programmed into a negative way of thinking and recognize that you can choose to practice to move to a positive way of thinking.Many of us are beginning to realize that negativity has become our "default" way of thinking and we have been living under autopilot.
When you feel joyful, pay attention to what brings joy to you.When you feel jealous or resentful, please be aware and ask yourself why this is the case.If a negative idea finds a way out, just pay attention and acknowledge the idea and go back to the present.
Forgive yourself.
Say: "Please allow me to forgive myself for the way I am jealous or resentful.Thank you for yourself.Be grateful when you offer kindness and love to others.Pay attention to many blessings around you.
Consider writing down these blessings when the day is over.Will seek happiness, love and miracles around you.If it's hard for you to notice these things, ask yourself why.
Set the mindfulness reminder as a reminder and stop during the day to experience this moment.N is notification...Pay attention to the color, lighting, fragrance, texture of the holidays, and let your attention stay on an object for 30 seconds.O represents opportunity...See the holiday as an opportunity to develop and practice family rituals, love and awareness, and to appreciate the present gift.
W represents the interior.
..Enter your own heart and try to treat yourself as your friend so that you can take care of yourself in your holiday requirements
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