how to build a camp shower enclosure Discovering Your Ancestors to Get Away From Stress

by:C&Y Union     2020-03-27
Until the fall of 2012, when I was told about the family tree, I had such a picture in my mind: A retiree has abandoned his old dusty citizenship record based on the geographical origins of his ancestors, who will consult on these issues throughout the United States.He will consult micro-film companies at most and join an association that will allow him to communicate with strangers about the information he has found in the area, while others will promise to have him do research in other countries.But that was before.It was only by chance that I found out that thanks to the Internet, we can learn the family tree comfortably today without leaving home.
I 've been thinking (even in my mind, genealogists still live in the age of dinosaurs) that we can build and walk in life only if we know where we come from.I have an annoying habit of putting my ancestors in a box: a watch for one, a thimble for the other, and a passport for the third to immigrate to the UK 60 years ago...But my knowledge of family history ended at the age of 1920.
Because my parents are late.
At birth (like me), when I got to the age at which this topic began to interest me, my grandparents' memory soon failed.When they were very willing to tell me the story of my ancestors at the age of 15, you could easily imagine that I had other worrying topics.I have lost my four grandparents in recent years and they have reached a very decent age (the last one is 97 ).
But let's say that their concern over the past few days is to know if there are still good strawberry pie in retirement home!Finally, I know very little about my ancestors and family trees.One day, provide services to a family member who is always angry with anything that looks like a computer;I looked at the Archives website of my birth department.I saw the "online profile" tab.After a few clicks, I found that my department had digitized all of its citizenship registers by 1902.
It allows free access online, with a powerful interface, and most importantly, very intuitive.I'm curious to find my great birth certificateGrandfather (the man who gave me his last name ).Revisit my family tree for more than two centuries and let me see that I am just a link in the history of a family.
Before me, my ancestors lived, fell in love with each other, faced war, faced famine, experienced pain, lost young children (relatively common at the time), and then died.After me, no matter what the environment or economic environment, others will continue to history.Imagine the living conditions of those who were before us and can see many concerns in our modern life.
For example, I found out that my son had the same name as his great son, and I was happy too --great-Great grandfather.Personally, I have an ancestor's first and last name, which is unknown to everyone in the family.It's a real relay for me, even if I don't know anything about the character, personality and life of these people.
Do you still want to track down your ancestors? Or have you done genealogical research?What did it bring you?Like me, do you feel more calm?Tell me!
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