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The power value of the photovoltaic system depends on the electricity bill you are paying now and how much your utility will pay for any excess power you generate.If your utility provides net metering (and therefore pays the full retail price for your excess electricity), you and your utility will pay the same price for each other's electricity.You can use the calculation box on the next page to roughly estimate how much electricity your PV system will generate, and the value of those electricity.
Depending on your geographical location, the angle and direction of the system, the quality of the components, the actual energy output of the photovoltaic system will be up to 20% different from these figures, and the quality of the installation.Also, even if your utility does provide net metering, you may not be able to get the full retail value of excess power generated by the system each year.Be sure to discuss these issues with your PV provider.
The PV system is required to provide a written estimate of the annual average energy output.However, even if the estimates for the average year are accurate, actual power generation fluctuates year by year due to natural changes in weather and climate.If your utility does not provide a net metering, you can still use the calculation box to determine the amount of electricity the system will generate.
However, this is not that simple as the excess power is not as valuable as the one you actually use.You could only make 2 cents per kilowatt hour.hour-Below half the retail priceFor your extra strength.
When the residential power load is often very small, the photovoltaic system generates most of the power during the day.If your utility does not provide a net metering, you may want to resize your system to avoid generating electricity that exceeds your actual needs.What is the cost of photovoltaic systems?There is no answer in each case.
But solar rebates and other incentives can always reduce costs.Your price depends on many factors, including whether your house is under construction, whether PV is integrated to the roof or installed on the existing roof.Prices also depend on PV system ratings, manufacturers, retailers and installers.
In any measure of cost and benefit, the size of the system may be the most important factor.Small, single-PV-Built-in panel systemOf the inverters that produce about 75 watts, the installation cost is about $900, or $12 per watt.These small systems only offset a fraction of your electricity bill.
A 2-The kW system can meet almost all the needs of a very energy-efficient home, and the installation cost can be $16,000 to $20,000, or $8 to $10/watt.At the high end, a 5-The installation cost of the KW system that fully meets the energy needs of many traditional households is $30,000 to $40,000, or $6 to $8 per watt.These prices are roughly estimated;Your cost depends on your system configuration, device options, and other factors.
Your local PV supplier can give you a more accurate estimate or bid
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