frameless shower sliding doors and small bathrooms - sliding shower enclosure

by:C&Y Union     2020-05-17
frameless shower sliding doors and small bathrooms  -  sliding shower enclosure
I think that when most people imagine their dream house or apartment, they may think of a living space with a lot of rooms.
Maybe an open area, maybe a high ceiling, maybe a large yard at the back, and a room with enough floor area to accommodate their ideal furniture.
There is a lot of appreciation for the concept of space, because it means being able to store and organize everything for one person and allow people to roam freely, it just provides a feeling of being able to stretch and luxury.
Unfortunately, many people do not have their dream house or apartment yet, but are forced to deal with smaller, even crowded living areas.
The problem becomes even more serious when we look specifically at the bathroom, as these rooms tend to be the smallest in any residential or living area.
For some bathrooms, there is basically only enough space for the shower area, the toilet and the sink, and maybe some storage, and maybe not a lot of other space.
For bathrooms that tend to have a smaller side, sliding the shower door can be very helpful.
In this case, they tend to exercise better because they eliminate the need to prepare in the bathroom for where the shower door should swing.
Usually, for this reason, the area close to the shower room needs to be kept clear.
But if the shower door is installed just by sliding from one side to the other, it actually gives the bathroom some space to make it feel less crowded and less small.
So for those smaller bathrooms, while they may not always be appropriate, the idea of a frameless shower sliding door should at least be considered.
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