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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-25
Now there are a variety of styles and sizes in the shower.The shower has become the focus of most bathrooms.This is partly due to the time saved by taking a bath while taking a shower, but also because consumers have realized the water saving benefits that can be brought about by installing a shower in a traditional bathtub.
How do you choose the right shower for you?Size and shape are the two most important factors to consider.If you are going to take a shower instead of taking a shower every day, then you will soon get tired of a small shower with 760x760 square meters.This size has its purpose in a limited space, but if you can extend to a shell of at least 800x800 or 900x900 then you will have more movement space.This is very important because, in general, most people keep a new shower in 10 years-if you take a shower every day, it's 3,650 showers.The average shower time is 10 minutes, so you spend about 25 days of your life in the shower-so it's better not to get something too small!

A square shower can have a fixed side, called a side panel, an open side, called a shower door.Shower door can rotate, doubleIn the design, fold, slide or even open inward.The square shower is the most direct design, usually the cheapest.

Very similar to the square case, these also include the choice of both sides and the opening mechanism.However, from 900x800mm to 1800x900mm, and almost all sizes between the two, more size options are allowed.

The quadrant has become very popular thanks to the stylish curved look and spacious shower space.I have equal quadrants.e.800x800mm, 900x900mm, can also offset the quadrant with a popular size of 900x800mm to 1200x900mm.The offset quadrant allows more space than the equal quadrant on one side longer than the other.The quadrant shower can have sliding doors or revolving doors.

As a substitute for bathtubs, showers are becoming more and more popular.They are usually between 1200mm and 1700mm in length and about 800mm in depth.The walk-in shower provides a large shower area and eliminates the need for shower doors by having a permanent opening or gap between the front and side glass panels.Very stylish and luxurious look in the shower.Keep in mind, however, that if your bathroom doesn't stay very warm and has a permanent opening, it releases heat!

As the name suggests, this enclosure consists of three sides.Usually (but not always) they have two fixed side panels that fall off the wall with a door on the front to form a rectangle.The door that opens again can be almost any design, such as sliding, folding, or rotating.A good example of this style is the Aquadart inline three-sided shower.

U-shaped or D-shaped shower is a variant of the three-sided enclosure above, but with a curved, inclusive shapehence the name.These enclosures are made up of curved side panels and sliding doors that normally bend in the front, and are particularly practical.However, the size is usually limited to around 1000x1000mm at most.So, as you can see, the shape and size of your new shower room is well worth your time to decide.As mentioned earlier, you may face years of regret if you choose a one that is too small, or if you have to replace it again with a bigger one, it can be a very expensive one!In general, if you can stretch to the next available size, or pinch a little more floor space from the bathroom, then you will have a more enjoyable shower experience for many years to come
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