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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-24
The new finish can greatly improve the appearance of the prefabricated shower.Unfortunately, it's not easy to draw a premade shower and make it look good.The prefabricated shower wall is vinyl, which makes it difficult for the paint to attach properly.
You can use sanding to Polish prefabricated vinyl to create a surface that makes it easier for the primer to attach.Then use the appliance epoxy paint and the right technology and your shower will look brand new.Scrub old prefabricated shower walls with heavy objectsDuty: trisodium phosphate cleanser.
This is critical because the soap slag prevents the primer from sticking properly.Rinse the facial cleanser with a rag and leave the shower room dry for three hours.Grinding prefabricated walls with 180-Sandpaper and Palm Sander.
The primer will not stick to the vinyl shower unless you polish it with sand.Polish the prefabricated wall to rough.Cover the hardware in the shower with painter's tape to prevent paint.Do the same for the wall next to the prefabricated wall and the part of the bathtub.
Use the roller to apply a latex primer to the prepared prefabricated shower wall.Only one prefabricated wall is filled at a time.To promote the smooth effect, run the polyester brush on the wet primer and apply soft pressure.
Go ahead with the process until you primer each prefabricated shower wall.Let the shower dry for three hours.Wash your painting tools.Paint the premade shower with electrical epoxy paint and use the same technology as when you apply primer to it
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