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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-24
Replacing the entire shower can be difficult, expensive, or even unnecessary.It is possible to freshen the look of the shower by painting the whole shell and keep it going.If it's done well, including taking the time to prepare the paint surface, the painted shower will look great before it needs to be touchedups.
Painting the shower can not only make the shower look fresher, but also give you the opportunity to change the color of the shower to better adapt to the decoration of the bathroom.Polish the shell to remove the gloss.All you need to do is Polish enough sand to make the paint surface rough.Clean the shower with muriatic acid to remove any remaining dirt as well as the dust generated by sanding.
Rinse the shower thoroughly and be sure to remove all traces of muriatic acid.Wait for the shower to dry completely.Tape any area you don't want, such as metal trim or faucet handles.Apply the primer to the shell using a paint spray gun.
Wait for the primer to dry completely.
Spray a thin layer of paint on the shower and wipe any drops of water as they appear.Wait for the paint coating to dry completely.Apply a thin layer of paint on the second floor, spray it on it, and be careful to avoid drops.
Wipe away any drops of water immediately.
Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before using the shower
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