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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-24
The concrete shower is durable and easy to clean but looks practical.Painting a concrete shower can add a lotNeed the visual appeal of a cold gray space.Painting the concrete surface requires a few more steps than a simple start-up and painting of the traditional drywall surface.
However, the additional preparation required to draw concrete is not too difficult.With the right tools and tips, you can turn any concrete shower into a colorful, beautiful space.Clean the concrete shower thoroughly with water, soap and scrub, and remove as many pieces and scum as possible from the concrete surface.
Scrub the surface with a brush and trisodium phosphate solution.According to DoItYourself ".Com, trisodium phosphate or teaspoon, "will remove any grease or oil", make sure your paint is attached to the surface of the concrete.Most local hardware stores have teaspoons, a powder that can be mixed with water in the bucket for easy cleaning.
Let the surface dry thoroughly.
Apply primer on the surface of the shower.Use rollers for large concrete and brushes for narrow corners.Let the primer dry.Different primer products have different drying times, but it is usually normal for one to two hours depending on temperature, humidity and air circulation.
For the most accurate time, please consult the primer label.Apply an external paint to the shower using a brush and roller.The design of the exterior paint is able to withstand the damage of the water, so it is ideal for a shower surface that is often wet.
If you have a very smooth concrete floor in your shower, the paint surface will only add slickness;Mix some of the paint textures offered by most hardware stores into the paint used on the surface of the floor to prevent slipping.Wait for the first coat to dry.For best results, please keep track of the drying time on the paint.Apply for a second coat if needed.Do not use the shower for at least 24 hours after painting to ensure the paint is fully adhered and dry.
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