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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-25
The slide bar allows people of different heights to adjust the height of the shower head to a comfortable level.If you drill onto a tile, there is no need for specialized tools to install the slide bar, except for the masonry drill.Trying to drill onto a tile with a standard drill bit, except to darken the drill bit and crack due to an increase in heat, do nothing --Rise from the friction between the drill bit and the tile.
If you install the slide bar in the fiberglass shower, the standard drill bit will work properly.Determine the installation height of the slide bar.Taking into account the height of the tallest person in the family and the shortest person.
Measure the width of the shower.
Divide the width by two and find the center.Mark the center line of the shower with a pencil.Lengthen the centerline mark by placing the height on the mark.
Extend the line to a position greater than the length of the slide bar.Mark the bottom elevation of the slide bar on the center line mark of the shower.Keep the slide bar on the center line mark.
Align the bottom of the slide bar with the elevation mark.Insert the slide bar with a level.Mark the mounting hole with a pencil.Drill the recommended hole size at each position you mark with a pencil.When using a bit, use the medium pressure and cool the bit by dripping water on the bit.
Drilling glass fiber requires a small amount of pressure and a large amount of speed behind the drill bit.Wipe the wall of the shower and remove debris from the area where the slide bar will be installed.Align the top mounting holes of the slide bar with the top mounting holes you drill into the wall of the shower.
Run the screws in one of the mounting holes to loosely secure the slide bars in place.Pierce the end of the extruded seam pipe.Apply a small amount of silicone caulking agent on each screw to be waterproof and sealed.Screw the screws to the wall of the shower.
Check the level of the slide bar.
Tighten the mounting screws.
Remove the old shower head.
Wrap the Teflon tape around the pipe thread on the wall.Connect the slide bar supply line to the shower hose.Tighten according to manufacturing instructions.
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