best way to seal a shower enclosure read the letter first. then, open the enclosure!

by:C&Y Union     2020-03-18
Have you ever opened a straight mail and everything in it fell off like a raging river?There everything gets so chaotic and confusing that you are not sure where you should go...Have you ever opened a straight mail and everything in it fell off like a raging river?Where everything gets so chaotic and confusing that you're not sure where you should go first?Well, it seems that many marketers do this, saving and saving pennies by walking more than a few pounds.Imagine: you receive a letter at the post office.
There are multiple picture stamps on it.
There is a handwritten address on it.
There is no other identification "thread" to tell who you sent.When you open it, there is a single-page letter attached to a more complete letter.You go deep into the envelope, there's another envelope with a handwritten post on itThis shows what it says.
.....\ "Please read this letter first.
Then open the fence.
"The role of this small strategy is: 1.
It separates all "accessories" from the main selling equipment--Sales letter.2.It tells the recipient that you, the sender, do a lot of thinking about the order in which you want them to follow the mail.3.All brochures, orders, proof pages, extra flyers, sales letters won't distract you.
Your focus and attention are systematic.
There is no "Oh hell, what is this frustrating reaction ".(So have a positive feeling for you from the beginning ).5.Even in this case, the customer or prospect does not buy from you, you will plant a warm seed in the reader's mind.
Now, I'm sure there are some people who will say, "This will kill our profits!"We can't afford the extra cost of doing it all!Well, it's OK to have this reaction.Especially if you only care about making mediocre profits.The only real decision is to test!You see, doing a small sample test on the database or list will tell us if this is good or not.
It turns out that not doing so can be more expensive than you think.Of course, if you're going to post to a real cold list with no affinity or no proven purchase history, then you might throw a ton of dough into the trash.If you are familiar with a group of people, this strategy can be very effective.
You see, it's not a good feeling to be taken for granted.Moreover, many enterprises have made mistakes in doing so...Take their existing customers for granted.
Imagine if one of your existing customers gets the email described above, and their ideas run through it.What do you think they feel?Giving a WOW!The experience of existing customers and customers is essential to keep them interested, excited and curious and to know what you will send them next.This is the reason why they build the type response "can't wait for what they will send me next" in their mind.
Getting this type of response is a few miles ahead of the "oh you" type of response where the letter flood gate remains open.Don't you think?This is a simple test you can try without thinking about opening the piggy bank.Because you will only write to one person.
Do you send the following to your spouse, partner, child, friend, etc: send them-Page numbers on yellow, pink or green paper.In that letter, tell them how important they are to you, you may not give them enough attention, and you plan to make things better.Insert the letter into the envelope and write it according to the address mentioned above.
However, there is also an envelope in the envelope before it is sealed...\ "Please don't open before you read-page letter\".After reading the letter, they went to the second envelope.
They open it.
Inside is a small certificate with something similar written on it;"Because it is such a valuable asset in my life, I am honored to be able to spend the whole day with you, no matter what you say for you .".I'll let you decide if this works or not, and the type of response on the face of the person who received it.P.S.I would love to hear any story about the tips mentioned above.
Please write me and let me know.
Thank you.
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