best way to clean glass shower enclosure How to Unclog a Basement Floor Drain

by:C&Y Union     2020-03-21
If the basement floor drain is blocked, it may drown the basement and cause great damage.Read the homequks article to find the steps on how to clear the basement floor drain and avoid any major damage.There is nothing worse than getting the bathroom floor dirty because of the drain jam.
The basement is floating around with dirty water, which seems like a nightmare for any homeowner.But this idea should not prevent you from taking the necessary steps to clear the sewer.In order to completely remove the drain pipe, please try the following steps.
: Have enough courage to wear gloves and masks to solve the pipe problem.Pick up the bucket and use it to remove the water from the basement.This will provide you with the right access to the floor drain.
Ask everyone in the House not to use/run any water before you clear the drain.The basement floor drain is the last point of all the pipes in the House that cause dirty water to flow out.: To find the sewer you need to search for the biggest sewer in your house.
They are closest to the gutter on the street and will also have an access point to clean it.Clean the drain with a plumber's snake (toilet jack or electric eel.The plumber's snake is useful when dealing with sharp vertical and horizontal bends in the basement drainage system.
Remove the clean plug with a wrench in order to put the snake into the drain.: Once you put the snake in the drain, pull back a few feet and pour a little hot water in it.This will increase the slight pressure inside the drain when you move the snake.
In addition, hot water can help clean up any debris or material that the snake may loosen.Keep pushing the snake into the sewer until it can no longer go forward.: Now you turn the crank of the plumber snake clockwise in order to turn the long and flexible steel coil and remove the debris from the drain.
When you go down the drain, you will find more resistance.The amount of blockage you find in the drain will depend on how much material is blocking the drain.In order to break through it, you may just have to remove a few wooden clo and get to the final blockage.
: If it is difficult to remove resistance in the first few attempts, there may be solid stuck in the clogged drain.Be careful to pull out the snake from the drain so you can also pull out the stuff that is blocking the drain.Don't push any more blockages into the drain, as this will only make the dredging process harder.
When the snake comes out, it may become more chaotic because the blockage will follow.Remove any solid material from the drain and put it into the bucket.: After removing the blockage, the drain pipe will operate normally.
If you still find flooding, you have to repeat all the steps mentioned above.Pour more hot water into the floor drain and check if all debris has been cleared successfully.If there are any soap deposits (washing machines) that clog the drain, you can run a washing machine full of hot water and 8 ounces.
Vinegar once a week.
If you often find soap deposits in the drain, this may be due to excessive use of detergent while running the washing machine.Maybe you need to reduce the amount of detergent used for washing clothes.You can also add a cup of vinegar each time you run the laundry cycle so that no soap residue is left.
You can understand what went wrong with what you came out of the sewer.So you can talk to your family about the reasons for trying to reduce or stop the blockage of the sewer
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