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by:C&Y Union     2020-03-20
Shower curtain is a good way to dress up the shower.Personalized curtains are functional and add a touch of creativity to your bathroom.Let's see how to make our own custom shower curtain.
Shower curtain is a great way to change the interior of the bathroom.The delightful colors and beautiful curtain patterns do make your time in the bathroom enjoyable.In addition, the curtains meet their main goal: to provide privacy for the shower area.
In most cases, they have a standard size of 72x72 \".However, if your shower room size is not standard, you may have to change the ready-made sizemade curtains.However, the best solution is to make your own custom curtains.
If you do not want to buy standard curtains, then the curtain manufacturers can customize the curtains for you.You have to explain your specifications and preferences so that the curtains can be selected accordingly.Select your favorite pattern from the catalog provided on the store or website.
Choose the work of a modern artist, or you may choose a more hilarious theme.Vinyl curtains are durable and easy to maintain, while fabric curtains allow for more variation in design, pattern and color.You can also match the shower curtain with the curtains, bathtub, base sink and other bathroom vanity sets.
You can use your own creativity to provide a personalized touch to your curtains.Making personalized shower curtains is a simple project for passionate peopleit-yourselfers.All you need to do is make a clean, regular shower curtain with vinyl, plastic or fabric.
Also, you need acrylic paint, pencil and your favorite letter combination or logo.First, enlarge the logo or logo to the size of the poster.No need to spend too much money, this can be done in Taobao.
Spread the curtains on the logo poster and trace the outline of the letter or logo with a pencil.You may need a marker to track vinyl or fabric.Once you have the outline ready, fill in the letters with acrylic paint.
Let the paint dry completely and spend the night before hanging in the bathroom.This way, you can personalize your curtains by drawing the initials or logo of your favorite sports team.Come up with your own ideas with your creativity.
Using a similar technology, createPortrait on curtainTake a family photo or any photo and enlarge it to the size of the poster.Put the curtains on the photo and only track the contours of prominent features such as eyes, chin, etc.Draw your photos in the right color and make your own portrait.
Alternatively, you can only trace the outline of your portrait with the help of a clear black mark on the white curtain.Selfie is the ultimate way to personalize the shower curtain.You can also consider drawing a portrait of your dog on the curtains.
As a result, a personalized shower curtain can provide you with unlimited space to try your ideas and come up with your own ideas for the design.However, don't try to create complex designs unless you are very good at them
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